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Students become women who embrace the three "i's" and will contribute to the sustainable development and happiness of the world.

What kind of society will we live in 2030?

Presently, globalization has changed the way businesses, information, and people interact around the world.

The world community of the future will become a more interconnected web of smartphones, robots, AI, IoT technologies.

With this in mind, to help people of the future find happiness during this unprecedented change, we must confront the challenge without knowing all the answers. We hope to work with people around the world and even AI to contribute to the future happiness of the world. The ability to change the world is in our power.

Why not contribute to the happiness of the World?

It is you that creates a new history for this school and the world.

Head of School<br data-src= Akiko Takagi" > Head of School
Akiko Takagi

It is said, that by 2030 when you are an active member of society, professions will change significantly throughout the world. There is also a prediction that AI in Japan will replace 49% of today’s occupations.

With this societal change, is it okay to continue teaching in the style of the past? The OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) Education 2030 project aims to introduce a learning framework that co-exists with AI and provides knowledge, skills, and values needed by today’s students for tomorrows world.

At Yokohama EIRI Girls High School, we provide an education that contributes to the world creatively by acquiring the three “i’s”, and promptly responds to the challenges of the future.

There are many dilemmas facing society today. Become a woman who is confident and capable of seeking out those challenges.

At this new school opening in April 2019, the students of Yokohama EIRI Girls High School will meet the challenges of the world and the future. Let’s create a new history for the world together.

Academics in iGlobal Division

Students become women
who embrace the three “i’s” and
will contribute to the sustainable development and happiness of the world.

Intelligence (Academic Achievement)

In order to prepare young women for the world of tomorrow and the challenges of new university admissions from 2020, we have designed a high-quality education centered around a fusion of the humanities that allows understanding of humanities + science and math. In addition, students acquire the power to discover and solve problems through numerous programs, cultivate the ability to express and develop the ability to critically think, and to be successful in the world ahead of the passing of international and domestic top universities.

About Intelligence (high education)

English Ability to Connect with the World x Global Communication Skills


In a future where globalization is advancing rapidly, English and intercultural communication skills are essential in a society where diverse people around the world come and travel, regardless of whether they are overseas or in Japan. With an emphasis on English language classes, students can effectively incorporate e-learning and English conversation practice, and acquire the ability to use them to connect with the world.

About Global Communication

ICT & STEAM(ICT & Logical Thinking Ability, Science Literacy)

“Steam” education encompasses the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. In the future, the interconnection between ICT and society will be much more profound, requiring today’s students to have advanced reasoning skills centered around “computerization and data.” This type of reasoning is grounded in the thinking of mathematics, so to speak, the grammar of thought. Computer programming is the ultimate expression of logical thinking and mathematical language. During science and math education, we develop logical thinking skills in the process of programming and creating algorithms for the production of applications and robots.

About ICT & Logical Thinking Ability and Scientific Literacy

School Life in iGlobal Division

iGlobal Facilities

Students study in a new school building compatible with IoT

ILearning environment supervised by Dr. Ken Sakamura

The first time in the world IoT (Internet of Things: Professor Emeritus of the University of Tokyo, Toyo University), who was advocated the idea of ​​IoT (everything connected through the Internet), supervised by Toyo University I will study at the corresponding school building. It is the state-of-the-art facility equipped with the whole building wifi support, short focus projector, and Makers’ Hub (electronic work space with 3D printer, laser cutter, scanner etc installed).


Returnee Program

Giving classes with Global standards

We provide 7 hours of English class in a week including 4 hours of language arts so that learners can keep up with their English skill.


Of the 7 hours a week of English class, 2 hours of which is philosophy class so that learners can develop their critical thinking ability and creative ability. Improving their English skill at the same time.

After class follow up

We will address learners’ concerns and questions as soon as possible. We are ready to support them in achieving their goals and, also their tutors.

Academic and Career Counseling

We start counseling students in advance to prepare them for the bigger challenges in their life, the university.
Our objectives are clear so we assure to our students that their goals in their studies are definitely achievable.

【Target Universities】

Tokyo University Kyoto University Hitotsubashi University Keio University Waseda University Sophia University Tokyo University of Science Meiji University Aoyama Gakuin University Rikkyo University Chuo University Hosei University Overseas University…etc

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Access from the Nearest Station

7 minutes walk from the west exit of Kikuna Station on the Tokyu Toyoko Line and JR Yokohama Line
16-minute walk from Shin-Yokohama City Subway and Tokaido Shinkansen

■ Get off the Tokyu Toyoko Line or JR Yokohama Line at Kikuna Station, use the West Exit and walk 7 minutes.

■ From Yokohama “Blue Line” Subway or Shin-Yokohama Station, it is a 16 mins walk.

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7-6-43 Kikuna, Kouho-ku, Yokohama City, JP 222-0011  TEL. 045-431-8188 FAX. 045-431-8263