i Global

Academics in iGlobal Division

Learning Focus

In the future, globalization and technology will transform the global community, and in iGlobal we will learn to work with a wide range of people from around the world and become a person who uses technology to create the new.

i Global

College Preparatory at iGlobal Division

Academic Guidance

In the first and second years, all students learn common subjects and develop "high education" for the advancement into public and private universities.

i Global

School Life in the iGlobal Division

School Life

The events within the iGlobal Division are divided into three "Academic events" such as entrance ceremonies, "Academic events" for university advancement, and "Global education-related events" to provide the abilities needed to live in a global community. In addition, iGlobal develops the power of women to learn while leveraging technology in the building of an IoT Environment and act proactively in facing societies challenges.


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