The entrance ceremony was held in 2021.

Posted date2021/4/7

Today, April 7th, we held an entrance ceremony for Eiri Girls’ High School.

It was a joint entrance ceremony for both the iGlobal Department and the Career Department. At the school gate, there were new students taking pictures with the entrance ceremony sign.

Our school student ambassadors (students who volunteer to support school events) also participated in order to hold the entrance ceremony without delay. The school principal’s ceremony message was listened to by the new students with a tense look.

The school song was also heard for the first time at the entrance ceremony, and the president gave a congratulatory speech and talked about the school song of Eiri Girls’ High School.

The message by the new student representative was filled with a passion for their high school life in the future.

A new high school life is about to begin! Let’s spend a fulfilling high school life for a year.

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