Stanford e-Eiri “Award for Best Effort” Winner.

Posted date2021/2/28

 Last Saturday, the “Stanford e-Eiri” online course in collaboration with Stanford University, which the second year students took for half a year, was completed.

In this course, students were required to “become a teacher and give a lecture in English” about one of the goals of the SDGs.

At the first time, I told the students

“The team that worked hardest will be commended at the end!”

For this half year, I kept reminding them. Every time, I always checked what kind of lectures the students gave and how they prepared for it on the big day. At this time, the award has been given.

These two students!

They made an effort to prepare in advance, took the time for lectures from the teacher (living in San Francisco), and consulted with her many times in advance.

Both I and the teacher in charge were unanimously motivated to commend them.



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