[Final episode of Stanford e-Eiri] Virtual exchange with Castilleja School

Posted date2021/2/25

After a really long and hot few weeks of preparation, today we had a virtual (online) exchange with high school girls from the prestigious Castilleja School in San Francisco. This was the final episode of Stanford e-Eiri, an online collaborative course with Stanford University that second-year students of the iGlobal Department took from the summer of 2020 for more than half a year.

I would like to introduce the episodes leading up to this point slowly, but like our school, the interaction with the students of the girls’ school, which was founded by women in 1907 (our school was founded in 1908), was great. It was exciting and fun.

Due to the spread of the coronavirus infection, the students were unable to experience their school trip (the destination planned was to be San Francisco). However, I was very honored and fortunate to have the opportunity to interact with an American high school girl I met for the first time by making full use of my online power.

It seems that the students really felt the joy and abundance of connecting with the people of the world in this way.

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