Australian students rave about…

Posted date2019/11/30

Chatting during lunch break.

iGlobal Is currently home to an international student from Australia. Two months have passed since joined the iGlobal course and today I was interviewed about life in EIRI High School and the differences between school in Australia and Japan. “I feel that it’s very different from Australia, here we work to work together in a team (such as classes and school events). All my classmates are very energetic and gentle. Moreover, because the seating order changes every day, I was able to make friends with everyone immediately. Also, the teachers are very generous and helpful, that’s so it’s very helpful in making me feel welcome. 」She seems to have liked it very much in Japan. It’s because of …

Japanese convenience stores are incredible! She gave them rave reviews. The onigiri has a lot of varieties, and the bread is plump and very delicious. There are a lot of kinds of sweets, and there is oden in this winter season, as well as a corner where manga are sold. On the other hand, what wasn’t really funt in Japan is the crowded trains (It is true that we have crowded trains that feel the person so close to you and poking you with bags, she always asks “Is it like that?”, but when a country is as wide and open like Australia, everyone basically drives a car everywhere, the situation of being in a crowded train tends to be shocking.)  Even though we who spending our lives living in Japan feel this is “natural”, it seems different to someone who has lived abroad, often looking at things from a very fresh perspective. The opportunity to understand different cultures naturally is a very valuable experience!

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