【Day 3】English Communication Program

Posted date2019/9/28

This is the third day of the English Communication Program. Today is the last day! Today, let’s use the “3D printer” located in Makers Hub, in Eiri Women’s Academy iGlobal Department. That’s why I made motifs using 3D software.

You may be used to it on the first or second day, Everyone was learning it in no time.

In the afternoon, I went to print the motif sat on a 3D printer. Unfortunately, the printer was out of order today and the output was not matched, but I think you were able to imagine that you could experience of printing what you made?

It was a very busy time for three days. In addition to studying English for the entrance exam, i think it was a three-day experience of English proficiency as a means of communication. Thank you very much for your hard work!

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