【Day 2】English Communication Program

Posted date2019/9/27

This is the second day of the English Communication Program. Today, we had a program focused on “Art” and “Technology” in STEAM.

Students designed a book cover in the morning. Before we started, the teacher explained a little about design. There are a lot of English words that I don’t hear in my regular class, so I was a bit confused.

 But actually using the iPad, students were making full use of free software that can be used design in English. Everyone designed wonderful book covers with unique personalities.

In the afternoon, Students went out to look for materials and then using what I found, I made a video with the clips I took. I did my best using the free English software but because all the functions are written in English, it seemed to be difficult until I got used to it. Students completed their movies while helping each other !

Today’s program ended with laughter and applause during the presentation meeting.

The second day was also a lot of work! Have your ears gotten used to the sound of English?? Tomorrow is the last day. I’m looking forward to what I can do.


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