【Day 1】English Communication Program

Posted date2019/9/24

 From today, we will implement the English Communication Program, a unique program of the EIRI Women’s Academy. For about six hours a day, students will participate in a class of native teachers, Students wil concentrate on communicating in English and aim to improve their English skills.

It’s not just about participating in English classes, This year, we are implementing a program to learn steam in English. STEAM is a field of learning that is said to enhance the innovation capabilities needed in the future. STEAM=Science,Technology,Engineering,Engineering,Art,Mathematics


On the first day today, students learned about the Raspberry Pi, a very small pc, and one was distributed to each student.

The first time I saw the students, they said, “???  It was the same impression I had when I started mine. I thought, “You can do anything with such a small machine and you will be surprised”.

While many students are new to programming itself, the software used and the teacher’s explanation are students are all in English which had some students struggling.

However, the teacher, of course, is able to teach with easy English and it was enough to make a difference in an hour. At first, students who were struggling where also having fun! It was a day when everyone filled their heads full with English and new things.

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