Thank you for participating in the school briefing.

Posted date2019/7/28

Thank you to everyone for participating in the summer school briefing of i Global Department. A large number of people participated, and the venue was packed.

There were talks from the president of the school and the school principal about the education system of the Eiri Women’s School i Global Department.

While the students who are first-year students were nervous, they enjoyed the event. As a senior student, they talked to junior high school students about their school life. As for questions about the entrance examination, they were able to fully tell prospective studnets about the joy, the difficulty, and how they feel now about their school life.

The students were also in charge of the guiding guests though the school building.

I hope to see you all again. All the students and faculty are looking forward to it. A summer school briefing will be held on August 24. We recommend making a reservation in advance (here), but you can also apply on the day of the event. We hope you will come and visit our school and invite your friends.

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