The Power of Presentation

Posted date2019/7/18

Recently, there are many people in the i-Global Department giving presentations. In the class, in the home room. From now on, I think students will have more and more opportunities to express thier ideas in presentations.

I always feel that the presentations need to be improved by continuing to learn about ourselves and the world around us.

It’s also very important to see a lot of great presentations and incorporate them into your own style while analyzing “where are the great things” and “what parts can be imitated”.

It would be a great goal to achieve, as in the case of (presentation, rather than a speech, but although) The President of Toyota of Toyoda Motor Corporation, Akio Toyota, has recently been talked about at Babson College in the United States. It would be good to listen to the speech given at the university graduation ceremony.

It is an excellent learning experience in terms of how to convey your thoughts and how to live one’s life as a role model. One which Japanese people can learn to convey their feelings in this way. If you don’t mind, please take a look and learn.

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