Special lecture on gender with Ms.Osaki

Posted date2019/5/20

The iGlobal Department held a comprehensive exploration of the topic of gender. Ms. Asako Osaki, a professional gender and development policy specialist, was invited to a lecture for 90 minutes. The talk started with the question of after your own birth “How did you come to think about gender?” She also talked about an “overview of the SDGs” and “Why do I need the SDGs now” while exchanging experiences in the UNDP that she had been affiliated with. For students who had been studying “SDGs,” this lecture seems to have been very interesting.  She frequently made reference to a few critical points. After the talk, Ms. Osaki’s global view and way of life were also reflected on by the comments of the students saying that she was “cool,” and this seemed to indicate “an adult image of longing” among the students.


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