2019 Entrance Ceremony for the Yokohama EIRI Girls High School

Posted date2019/4/8

Congratulations to all the new students.

The entrance ceremony for the Yokohama EIRI Girls High School was held today.

The weather was a bit unfortunate in the morning, but the sun appeared around noon.

A lot of new students took photos in front of the school gate.

For everyone, the entrance ceremony is the beginning of their high school life.

This entrance ceremony is the first step at Yokohama EIRI Girls High School.

While students listened to the new school song for EIRI Girls High School, they reflected on the lyrics “Dream a growing heart, the power to expand your dream” At this school, we will try our best to make our new era flexible

and to leap towards tomorrow. 

The school faculty and staff will do our best towards this goal.


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