From the School Chairwoman’s diary to Alumni – Rikejo Event

Posted date2019/3/20

Rijicho diary


Yesterday, I went to the Kodansha in Otowa, Bunkyo-ku.

Kodansha’s towering office building is located near Gokokuji Station.

This event was held to encourage junior high and high school girls to explore the world of science, but I was received an invitation to participate in the event from Kodansha. At the venue, there were seniors from the University of Tokyo Department of Engineering, and I was able to hear the story of Ms. Hina Sugimoto, who was also the Miss International Japanese representative, and an employee at the Ebara Corporation. There were a variety of workshops using a cute mini robot.

Up to this point I was enjoying the event when suddenly, to my surprise, I heard “Hello Sensei” and I saw Ms F, a former student standing there. She was one of the engineering students helping at the event.

In such a venue, to see the appearance of graduates gently advising girls and teenagers, warmed my heart.

This event will be the fourth year the event has been held. Rikejo, which hosted this event has a very useful website, so please take a look here if you are interested. ( even though I’m not a science person the site is fun to read!).


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