Announcement of the iGlobal Entrance Examination.

Posted date2019/2/19

Posted on 2/13

The general entrance examination acceptance was announced yesterday.

Please click below for confirmation of the acceptance announcement.


General Entrance Examination Announcement

※ ID is the exam number PW is the date of birth of the student.

※ We are unable to answer inquiries by phone.

The certificate of acceptance will be issued on the school from 10:00 to 16:00 on weekdays from February 12 (Tue) to February 28 (Thu).

Please be sure to bring your test ticket with you and come during the period listed above. (Please note that if you do not receive a certificate of acceptance in the above period, you will be deemed to be declined)

※ You will receive a certificate of acceptance (including uniforms related paperwork).

※ If you receive a certificate of acceptance, it is not considered that the procedure for admission has been made.

Those who have completed the transfer procedure of the entrance fee, and additional fees, etc. will be deemed to be “enrolled”.

If you are enrolled, please check the schedule from here.

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