Representative School on the panel for the TRON Symposium: “Human resource development in the era of IoT Big Data and AI” lecture.

Posted date2019/1/24

The 35th Annual Tron Symposium, which is the world’s leading leader in the field of IoT, was held in Tokyo Midtown this week.

Head of School, Ms. Akiko, from Yokohama EIRI Girls High School, joined Prof.

Sakamura on the panel for the lecture “Human resource development in the era of IoT Big Data and AI”.

In the age when ICT and IoT become must-haves today’s society, Dr. Sakamura strongly believes in nurturing the human resources to utilize these skills.

At the Toyo University Faculty of Informatics (Iniad), as the dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology, he is promoting the learning of “literary science” (Fusion of Arts and Sciences) in the educational environment that makes full use of state-of-the-art IoT.

Dr. Sakamura emphasized that “before” and “after” graduating from university, continual education is needed to foster these important skills in society.

The iGlobal department at Yokohama EIRI Girls School meets the expectations of type of education.

Ms. Takagi talked with a lot of people who came to this event of advanced technology and education, about how the founder of Takagi Gakuen was so impressed by the lecture of Prof. Yukichi Fukuzawa, that she created a modern school for girls.

Just as Ms. Takagi saw the direction of future society in Prof. Sakamura’s lecture, leading to the creation of the iGlobal Department centered around IoT.

Both Prof. Sakamura and Ms. Takagi emphasized that it is a school for challenging children of the next generation with skills need for the future.

In addition, the discussion as evolved around the importance of continuing to study while being engaged in a career after graduating from university.

Speaking on this was Mr. Funabiki, Senior Managing Executive Office, of Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co., Ltd.

He talked about a program the company has implemented on the continued “learning” of employees.

Dr. Sakamura, Mr. Funabiki, and Ms. Takagi, talked passionately about the power necessary at any age to continue to learn and the importance of being a lifelong learner.


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